Is There Really A Connection Between Your Mind And Money?


We are happy when we have money. Let us not be hypocrites and admit to the fact that one of the primary sources of our joy is the presence of money. However not everyone experiences the benefits of wealth and abundance in their daily lives.

More and more people are feeling the meltdown of the economy as each day passes and it seems like no one is spared by this global economic crisis. It’s sad to see that a lot of people are suffering from financial difficulties when there are tried and tested ways of avoiding them altogether.

When I say avoiding financial hardships, I mean gaining money and obtaining a sense of accomplishment at the same time as well. Here are some ways on how you can change your fate and lead a happy life.

The following tips may mainly focus on how you need to condition your mentality to attain more money for yourself. However you can also utilize these tips in other aspects of your life. And besides everything else seems to be a lot better when money problems are identified and solved, right? Why not give these tips a try and see how all other positive and great things enter your life once you solve your money issues once and for all.

  • Having a sufficient amount of money does not mean that one can stop executing money making efforts altogether

This is one of the biggest mistakes which people commit once they have amassed a certain amount of money for themselves. They become complacent and they stop working hard altogether. Of course they still work, however the passion and intensity are already lost.

Rich, successful people are consistent in their beliefs. The presence of wealth and abundance should never be your happy ever after. Life is an ongoing adventure. There certainly are numerous ways and means on how rich people can still obtain success and more money.

Stopping altogether is not ideal as this may change your meaning and value of wealth and success. Never stop looking for new ways and try them out in new avenues of money-making opportunities. Money isn’t all about obtaining them. It’s also about investing them and wisely utilizing them to make them grow as well.

  • Action speaks louder than words.

Just like love, money can only manifest itself if you work on your financial goals and strategies. It’s not enough that you have the aspiration of having money, but you also need to implement actions so you can earn them in an easy and quick manner as well.

Positive reinforcement and imagery are not enough tools for you to become rich. You also need to equip yourself of perseverance and determination, for wealth, just like love is a game that you need to win in order for you to enjoy the prize.

  • Negative feelings such as doubt, anxiety, and fear are hard to erase, but with a mind full of knowledge, nothing is impossible.

You exist and so does money. So why is the idea of you becoming rich impossible? What is impossible is the notion that your financial situation will never change at all.
Truth is, you are most likely to succeed than fail, only if you focus and pay attention to the success stories and testimonials of others around you. Other people’s success is a source of inspiration and wisdom to people who are striving to succeed in life as well. It is only through people who have been there and are continuously going further that you will realize that as a human being, you can also achieve the same set of financial freedom in your own way.

You don’t need to follow them or adhere to their mentality to the letter. All you need is a whole lot of inspiration and your mind will do the rest for you. Always remember that positive reinforcements breed positive outcomes as well. Wealth rooted from negativity and the wrong set of motives is nothing but waste since the value and meaning of abundance is not realized in the process by an individual.

With this in mind, wisely choosing which money making techniques to implement in your life is the first step to becoming a million dollar richer than everyone else. Remember that there is no such thing as a secret formula to success. The only tool for you in order to become richer and enjoy a happier and fuller life is by optimizing your mind’s positive, full potential.


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