Why You Have to Become Rich


Money makes the world go round. And indeed it is. A majority of people nowadays are vehement on their mentality that money really doesn’t play a crucial role in attaining happiness, success, and a sense of fulfillment in their lives. If you are one of them, then you have clearly given up on your life altogether. You have abandoned logical reasoning and you are willing to die a slow and agonizing death. It is suicide thinking that money is not at all important. The fact of the matter is, money is important in each and everyone’s life and it does make things better for all of humanity.

So why do we need to become rich? And for those people who are already enjoying the luxuries and comfort which money can buy, why do they still need to become richer? We owe it to ourselves to consistently earn and become rich. It is both our duty and responsibility to experience wealth and abundance.  However it is not at all easy for a lot of people to have this mentality. Why?  Most people who struggle nowadays are close-minded about a lot of things.

They are so consumed working their jobs and doing things according to what they think is right and what they feel is comfortable to them. Most of the time, people who strictly adhere to age-old beliefs and thoughts are the ones left behind. It’s sad to know that they are being held back by their own set of ideas and behaviors.

The best way to get out of such a financial rut is by becoming open and flexible. The key to earning more is by being in the now. Money is a concept which was developed thousands of years ago, but it is evolving. Along with the change of currencies and its value are the strategies on how people can obtain them.

Here is a list of ways on how you can release yourself from financial struggles and lead your life towards the road of wealth and abundance:

  • You are only poor if you think poorly of yourself

There is no such thing as poor and rich people. These two concepts were only conceived by those who were not able to succeed in their money-making efforts. Most people have the tendency to quit. Failure is the result of applying ideologies which were borne out of negative motivations.

If you think you are poor, you will only be motivated by negative feelings such as hate towards yourself. Despite the great level of intensity in you to become rich, your intention of becoming one does not match with becoming rich and happy. You may earn more, but you will never become a better person. Becoming rich always comes with an extra prize-happiness. Bitter thoughts which come from a negative mind will never result in a rich, happy existence.

  • Bear in mind that money is important in your life

Okay so a lot of people have used their money on evil things and have used them improperly that they lost their riches as soon as they got them. This is a fact that everyone has to live with. Rich and wealthy people are a testament that money can be achieved only if intense focus and concentration is given to the concept of money. We all have this notion that money is generally bad.

We have gathered this mentality from people in our past which did not have enough money in their pockets. Sad to say, these people are our loved ones. They have failed to see that there is nothing wrong with them. They could have changed their lives for the better if only they stopped thinking that money is evil. They should have challenged themselves more. With this in mind, why not challenge yourself? There is nothing wrong with money for as long as you can keep them growing. There’s nothing wrong with being open minded and taking risks once in a while.

Change is always good. Change only happens if you allow your mind to absorb new money making techniques and strategies. Tell yourself that money is important. It is after all what makes your strive to become a better and complete individual in the first place.

  • Stick with what you think, only if you can make them grow. Don’t worry too much. Becoming rich is as simple as resetting your beliefs and adapting beliefs that are new and challenging. New ideas have high potential of morphing into better concepts only if you adhere to them and apply them in everyday life.
  • Stop yapping and start working. In order for you to provide a better life to you and your family, you need to act and stop talking. In order for you to focus on getting rich, you have to act on it, and not talk about it.
  • You are only as good as your thoughts and behaviors. Only if you have developed a strong and positive set of tactics can you be able to move on to better things. The reality that you make for yourself is the result of the positivity and the good motivations that you have instilled in both your conscious and subconscious thoughts.

Becoming rich is not only about obtaining all the material things that you can buy with money. It’s also becoming comfortable with the ideals and beliefs that you have and applying a positive mentality in your everyday life. Being rich all boils down to manifesting all the positive aspects of inner self into the real world.